Pro Mobile Disco can provide Kids party DJs and mobile Discos for childrens parties.
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Kids Party DJ Hire

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  The following are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to Mobile Disco and DJ hire.

How long in advance do I need to book a Kids Party DJ?

Anytime. Some people book two years ahead, some at the last minute. It's first come, first serve.
What will the D J play?
Pro Mobile Disco DJ's carry a wide selection of music appropriate to the age group attending the occasion. this includes all the party favourites, chart and pop hits. When booking you will also be invited to send a list of music, which will be used as a template play list. And of course you are welcome to bring any of your own specialised personal favourites (legal copies only), that we might not have.
Do you play requests?
Yes, although discretion is used to ensure the requested song is in-keeping with the occasion.
Eg. Explicit Hip Hop music with loads of swearing would not be appropriate at a party for young children.
What areas do you cover?
Typically a 50 mile radius in and around London including Essex, Herts, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Kent etc. However its up to you were the party is and as we are a mobile disco we often go much further.
Do you use strobe lighting?
We have all kinds of lighting effects that will create a wow factor this includes powerful club-standard strobes. Kids absolutely love strobe lighting, in fact they think its the best lighting effect by miles. However when using strobe lighting pro mobile disco will also use a great deal of caution. We only use strobe lighting when requested and appropriate. Before the strobe is used the DJ will issue a warning and ask if any of the children think they may be affected by flashing lights, telling them to let a grown up or the DJ know straight away if they feel strange. If no one does then the strobe is used sparingly with additional requests made by the DJ to identify anyone who is in any way affected by the flashing lights. If all is well the DJ will only use strobe lighting for short periods of time and while closely monitor the crowd for anyone showing any signs of distress.
What size venues can you cater for?
Any size. Standard shows typically range between 50 to 500 people. By arrangement Pro Mobile Disco can fill larger venues for over 1000 but we do not do house parties unless you live in a very large house or your party is in a professional marquee.
Any further questions?
Please contact Cathy on 020 8367 5217, who will be able to answer any further questions.